Say what you do, do what you say, be transparent.
Say what you do, do what you say, be transparent.

What are B Corps ?

B Corps are for-profit companies that, in addition to financial results, also pursue sustainable and social goals. 

B Corps all want to add more value to our society than they extract. They take social responsibility seriously and aim to be good ancestors for future generations.

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B Impact Assessment

To become a B Corp, companies are subject to a rigorous and comprehensive assessment that covers good governance, employees, society, the environment and customers. 

The assessment evaluates your score on a scale of 0 – 200 points.

A score of less than 80 points does not qualify to become a B Corp. The idea is that with less than 80 points, your company extracts more value from society than it adds.

A fast-growing network

B Corps inspire each other and share knowledge to use the power of business for a better world. They easily find each other through the fast-growing B Corp network.